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Valhalla's Naked Ski Video Is Snowy And Sexy

A naked spin on your favourite Winter sport.
Valhalla's Naked Ski Video Is Snowy And Sexy

Winter sports have always lacked the sex-appeal of Summer sports. The Summer sun gives us sexy swimming suits, super skimpy running shorts, and topless men, while Winter has snowsuits, scarves, and layers covering beautiful athletes. Directors Nick Waggoner & Ben Sturgulewski have turned this norm on its head, and have made Winter into the sexiest season, with their full length ski film titled 'Valhalla,' featuring entirely nude skiers and snowboarders. You heard right. Cold nipples and frosted dicks be damned, these guys totally commit to doing Winter sports in the nude, and it is glorious. Check out the trailer below.

If you need more naked-snowy-goodness, grab the full length film via Itunes here.

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