"Vancouver Island" To Become Canada's 11th Province In 2018

A new referendum is coming to the country.
"Vancouver Island" To Become Canada's 11th Province In 2018

It may be a crazy idea, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

There is a new political party in British Columbia called the Vancouver Island Party, and their mandate is simple:

They have vowed to do everything in their power to make sure that Vancouver Island becomes the 11th province of Canada.

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The party was formed last June because the Party leader, former Conservative MP Robin Richardson, believes the people are fed up with the other political parties, and that Vancouver Island has such a large population, that it would benefit greatly from separations.

As a Quebec resident, this feels all too familiar. But at least the VIP don't want to split from Canada altogether to form their own country, they just want more Independence for their 765,000 citizens.

If elected, the party also wants to provide Ferry subsidies, lower fares for vehicles, free tuition, and preferential hiring practices to favor residents of the island.

The VIP are looking for candidates to run for the provincial election on May 9th.

If you are interested or if you are seeking more information on the VIP, check out their official website here.