Vancouver Ranked #3 For Best Quality Of Life In The World, Montreal Ranked #21

Studies also show personal safety in North America has seen a decline over the last decade.
Vancouver Ranked #3 For Best Quality Of Life In The World, Montreal Ranked #21

You might have wondered which cities across the globe were considered the best in terms of overall health and happiness of its citizens. Many factors come into play that can determine whether or not a city really is holding the best interest of its people in mind. Of course, every year we get a new quality of life ranking, with results even more interesting than before.

This time around, Mercer has released their official ranking, which factors in criteria such as recreation, housing, natural environment, consumer goods and availability, and more. After extensive research and diving deep into reports, the list was created.

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TL;DR Mercer has released their official Quality of Living ranking for cities across the globe. Overall, four Canadian cities made the list, with Vancouver coming in at #3 and Montreal ranking #21. For more information on the criteria and factors Mercer looked at when deciding how each city would rank, read below.

Four Canadian cities made the list. Which one beats out the rest? Well, coming in at #3 out of the entire world is Vancouver — which ties overall with both Munich, Germany, and Auckland, New Zealand.

Toronto makes its appearance at spot #16 with Ottawa trailing just a bit behind at #19. At this point you're probably wondering where our beloved Montreal ended up on this huge list of global cities.

What are the main qualities of an attractive city—one that draws global talent, investment and ensures sustainable growth? @mercer's Slagin Parakatil explains:

March 13, 2019

Making its mark at #21 alongside Perth, Australia, you might not be totally convinced that among Canadian cities, Montreal didn't exactly match its competition.

So, how were the rankings decided? Mercer looked at all of these factors when deciding which cities would rank best (or worst):

  • Recreation
  • Housing
  • Economic environment
  • Consumer goods availability
  • Public services and transport
  • Political and social environment
  • Natural environment
  • Social-cultural environment
  • School and education
  • Medical and health considerations 

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Mercer also reported that while in Eastern Europe there has been an increase of personal safety over the last decade, North America has seen a decline.

Regardless, we can show some Canadian pride that at least one city made it onto the top 5 best in the world, even if Montreal didn't exactly receive the most exciting ranking.

What do you think of Mercer's Quality of Living Ranking? To check out the entire list, click HERE.