Vans Unveils Their Totally Magical Harry Potter Collection (Photos)

As we announced last month,Vans has been working on a Harry Potter collaboration collection that should be available soon. While we didn't know what the collection would look like then, we were excited nonetheless.

Pretty much anyone that was born between 1985 and 1995 read the magical book series and if you read the books then you have certainly sworn fealty to one of the four wizarding houses of Hogwarts. 

Well, now you can show off your house colours from your head right down to the soles of your shoes - literally. Take a look at the newly unveiled Harry Potter x Vans collection below.

While we don't have official release dates, if we're getting promotional pictures we can't be far off from seeing these sneakers on shelves. 

Each of the Hogwarts Houses has its own sneaker in its own style. Gryffindors are set with an SK8-Hi hi-top, Ravenclaws get the classic checkered lace-ups, Hufflepuffs get the Slip-Ons and Vans Era snakeskins for the Slytherins.

Even as a Ravenclaw, I have to say I'm really digging the Slytherin ones the most.

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While not included in the official image from the Vans website, it seems that there will be several other, non-house exclusive shoes available as well.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, we can also expect a pair of "Golden Snitch" lace-up colourways and a pair of slip-ons that look like they're covered with the Marauder's Map. There's also a pair of Vans Era lace-ups that are covered in pages from the Daily Prophet.

Not mentioned in the HNHH article are the green pair of high-tops seen in the top left of the photo above.

On the tongue of the shoe, you can see a Dark Mark and on the outside edge of the shoe, there's small black text that says "Morsmordre," which seems to say these shoes are made for the Death Eaters in our midst.

To sign up for e-mails about the new collaborative collection,head to the Vans website. Head to read their article on the release of the photos.

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