Velvet Will Be Over The Top And Outrageous For 'Shady Kunty Kool'

If you're hitting up Osheaga or Diver/Cite on Friday, don't stop the party at sundown. Keep your drunk going and your need to dance alive, because Shady Kunty Kool at Velvet will be the spot to get trashy, crazy, and wild.

A collaboration event between GayBash and Drama Queen, Shady Kunty Kool will feature an array of DJs and performances. Spinning beats will be Eddie Martinez (NYC), Bugo (MTL), DJ Jamal (TO), Shaydakiss (MTL), and look forward to epic performance by Starving Yet Full and Jungle Pussy. Hosted by MTL club gurus Sally, Tyler, and Jam, Shady Kunty Kool will be a night to remember. But, just in case you get too shwasted and forget some questionable decisions, photographer Tristan Harris will be shooting the night to help you remember all the fun you'll have.

If you've never been to a GayBash event, this would be a great start to get into their long list of awesome parties. Having already collaborated with a long list of artist like B'UGO, SHAYDAKISS, TRISTAN HARRIS (among many others), and torn up bars and clubs like Cabaret Underworld and the Royal Phoenix, the boys at GayBash know how to energize a party and throw a good jam. Don't miss out on their party expertise and check out Shady Kunty Kool tonight at Velvet. When the party theme is simply 'OVER THE TOP AND OUTRAGEOUS" you know your gonna have a good time.

Be sure to join the Facebook event and follow GayBash for any important updates.

See you there party people!