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Venomous Black Widow Spiders Are Being Found All Over Canada

Creeping their way up north.
Venomous Black Widow Spiders Are Being Found All Over Canada

One of the most underrated features of Canada is our distinct lack of deadly creatures. Sure we have wolves, bears and cougars but it's extremely rare to unexpectedly come face to face with one. 

We have bugs here, but not the sort of nightmarishly terrifying creepy crawlers that exist everywhere else in the world. 

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But one venomous creature has been slowly making its way into Canada. The venomous Black widow spider.

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Normally Black widows aren't supposed to be in Canada. In fact, according to CBC, scientist didn't believe they could actually survive here. But apparently Canadians have been taking a lot of photos of Black Widows they've spotted, and we're now realizing that these evil little bastards are living father north that we ever thought possible. And yes, they can even be found in places surrounded by water like Montreal. 

A woman from Newfoundland even found one in bag of grapes in June!

Scientists are asking the public to keep sending in their photos so that they can keep track of where the spiders are.

The spider can be over an inch long and can be identified by the bright red hourglass shape under its abdomen. They have a short set of fangs that are long enough to penetrate skin and they sometimes have white slashes on their backs. 

They do bite, but the bite isn’t typically deadly for adults. It can cause some serious and potentially deadly problems to small children and pets, so if you do spot one you should be very careful not to touch it. 

For more info on what do if you see a Black widow spidercheck out Health Canada's Page on dangerous spiders.


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