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Verdun Finally Gets Its First Bar in Over 100 Years

Verdun Finally Gets Its First Bar in Over 100 Years

Well would you look at that Verdun can now have bars. Did you know they didnt have any for the last 100 year? We certainly didnt. Too bad our great grand parents didnt live long enough to see this happen.

Just over two years ago the borough killed a 1960`s ban on bars as well as a 19th century law before that.

City councillor Alain Tassé stated however, “in this new bylaw, there are some restrictions.”

The restrictions seem to be that the bars that can open may only be pubs and micro breweries that brew their own beer on site like Les Trois Brassers.

Benelux has now become the first bar in Verdun since 1875. They certainy will have a solid monopoly over the area because no other bar is allowed to open in a 1km radius.

The biggest reason why the by law was changed is most likely because of the newer young student influenced demographic Verdun now houses.

Yay to students making shit happen indirectly.

More bars are expected to open sooner then later.

Cheers to you Verdun on being able to get drunker that much closer to home.

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