Vermont Will Pay Canadians $10,000 To Move There

The Green Mountain State awaits!
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Vermont Will Pay Canadians $10,000 To Move There

For real. And that's in American dollars.

Last Wedneday the state approved a plan to inject some youthful vigor into its aging population.

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The goverment will pay the sum to remote workers over the first two years of their residency. That means you get to work from home and enjoy all the beautiful New England landscapes the state has to offer.

The money can be used for all moving expenses and necessary work equipment.

But there's one small catch: it's a race. Officials plan to award the money to the first one hundred people to relocate to the Green Mountain State by January 1st, 2019.

But don't worry if you don't make the cut. The state plans to expand the program in the following few years.

Canadians can also make the lucrative move if they apply for a work visa.

In the meantime, tourists interested in a permanent move to the buccolic state can also check out its Stay-to-Stay initiative, a weekend program that will take visitors to the area's most popular attractions and introduce them to realators and prospective employers.   

Rolling mountains, tumbling hills, ski resorts, red covered bridges, cute provincial towns, and white steeples against the foliage. Need I say more?


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