Veterinarians In Canada Are Warning People That Making Your Pets Vegan Isn't A Good Idea

Vegan diets could have devastating health effects for pets.
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Veterinarians In Canada Are Warning People That Making Your Pets Vegan Isn't A Good Idea

Research has shown that, for some reason, more than a quarter of pet owners keep their carnivorous animal on a plant-based diet.

Before you cry foul, keep in mind that veterinarians are skeptical about the benefits of a vegan or vegetarian diet. When it comes to long-term health, vets are unsure of what the consequences of a plant-based diet could be on your fur baby. Ultimately, a carnivorous beast such as a cat, should not have meat and protein cut out of their diet. 

Now, Quebec vets, in the light of new research, are warning people that putting your pets on a veggie diet will put them at risk for potentially severe health problems.

With the advent of plant-based pet food and with more pet owners switching their pets to a vegan diet, it's important to know that that probably isn't a good idea.

Products that are marketed to vegan pet owners have been proven to be not well-balanced for cats and dogs, for example. Many of these products have not gone through the rigorous studies needed to ensure pet health, cites one veterinarian. 

There are many risks associated with plant-based diets for carnivorous animals. Vets say that a cat's digestive tract cannot adapt to only plants, potentially posing future problems. 

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Dogs, on the other hand, can adapt much better because their stomachs are a lot stronger. Still, completely removing meat from the equation is a risky proposition for most veterinarians.

Vets are suggesting that if pet owners want their pet to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle that they should buy a pet that is naturally vegetarian such as a bird or hamster. 

Still, though, there are pet owners who believe that their cat will be better off eating nothing but zucchini for the rest of its life. But such beliefs could constitute animal cruelty in some countries

There's no reason that your pet should mimic your lifestyle when it comes to diet.

See how happy that dog is? Bet he's not vegan! 

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