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VIA Rail Canada Is Having A 25% Off Boxing Day Sale Until January

The best savings you'll get all year!
VIA Rail Canada Is Having A 25% Off Boxing Day Sale Until January

It's no surprise that the holidays went by super fast, and with Boxing Day and Christmas behind us we might be thinking the deals have officially ended for the year. Well, you'd be wrong if that's what you're thinking, because you'll even be able to save money on your trip home from visiting family or vacationing. Yes, VIA Rail is extending their giant Boxing Day sale.

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TL;DR VIA Rail Canada is offering up to 25% off train rides until December 31, 2018. Certain deals have specific travel periods, check the VIA Rail website for more information. More details below.

So even if you were planning some last minute travels you'll still be able to save a ton on select train rides. What better time to travel than during the holidays when most people are at home or far away from even considering commuting?

Think about it: a super quiet train car, the fastest service imaginable, no wait times, and extra room to sprawl out and enjoy your travelling experience. If that wasn't good enough already, wait until you hear about these incredible deals.

There are a few offers you can choose from, so no matter what way you want to travel you're basically covered. The amazing deals include:

  • 15% off the lowest fares in Economy Class when you use promo code VIA2018
  • 15% off Business Class with promo code VIA2018
  • 25% off Sleeper Plus Class with promo code VIA2018
  • Kids travel for $15.00 in Economy Class

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There isn't much time left to take advantage of these savings, as they'll be gone after December 31, 2018. Some deals have limitied travel periods, so you'll want to double check before booking.

For more information on VIA Rail's extended Boxing Day sale, click HERE.


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