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VIA Rail Canada Is Having A Huge Sale With 20% Off Scenic Train Trips

Experience Canada the best way possible!
VIA Rail Canada Is Having A Huge Sale With 20% Off Scenic Train Trips

Have you ever seen Canada by rail? I grew up in Ontario and my dad's side of the family all lives in Alberta, so I've actually been lucky enough to do a train trip from Ontario, across the Prairies, right to Jasper. 

It was truly an amazing experience, and such a beautiful way to see our stunning country. Even better, VIA Rail just made it more accessible, by knocking 20% off their Long-Haul Sleeper trips.

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TL;DR Save 20% on all Sleeper and Touring class VIA Rail fares from now until April 7th. Applies to four of their long-haul trips, detailed below.

From now until April 7th you can book a long-haul trip with VIA Rail and save 20% off their Sleeper Plus and Touring class fares.

The promo code is VIA20 and is viable for the following trips...

Toronto to Vancouver

Via VIA Rail

From the "centre of the universe" to the great West coast and every bit of beautiful Prairies in between.

Montreal to Halifax

Via VIA Rail

From Canada's cultural hub to the heart of the Maritimes, see the best of the east, from la belle province to the Atlantic coast.

Jasper to Prince Rupert

Via VIA Rail

Experience the best of the west and take in the rivers, lakes, and mountainous horizons of Canada's Pacific Coast.

Winnipeg to Churchill

Via VIA Rail

Subarctic and sublime, VIA Rail will bring you into the heart of polar bear country, where the Northern Lights shine overhead and belugas bubble under the sea.

You'll need to purchase your trip 7 days before you intend to hop on board, and as I mentioned above, you'll need to book before April 7th, 2019.

Also, your trip has to happen between April 12, 2019, and September 7th 2019.

Head to VIA Rail'ssale page to book, or call them directly at 1-888-VIA-RAIL.

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