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VIA Rail Is Having A Crazy Sale Every Week This Summer That You Have To Take Advantage Of Before It's Gone

VIA rail is probably one of the most convenient ways to travel around the country. The ride is super scenic and depending on where you're travelling to you could see things like the ocean and breathtaking mountains, all things that would just look like two-dimensional landscapes from a plane.

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Not to mention that even when you're in economy seating it's still super nice, and travelling by train is overall just a great alternative for anyone who isn't too interested in flying to where they have to go.

The best part of VIA has got to be the deals that are offered so frequently. No matter what time of year you have to hop on a train for your travels you'll find yourself able to save quite a bit on tickets as long as you do a bit of planning. 

That's why it's incredible to just find out about this sweet deal now, but at least now that you know about it you can definitely take full advantage of this amazing offer on tickets literally all across Canada.

VIA Rail has a recurring sale on train tickets called "discount Tuesday" that let's you book certain routes under insanely low prices on, you guessed it, every single Tuesday. 

The sale began this week at 12AM and will last until 11:59PM tonight. The low prices are on both economy seats and sleeper class, so with the money you save from the sale you may even be able to upgrade your seat!

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We haven't even gotten to the routes and pricing yet and this already sounds like a deal you'll want to jump on before time runs out. In terms of pricing, tickets are as low as $24 travelling within province, and $33 to travel out of province. A trip to Toronto, Ontario from Montreal is only $44 and from Montreal to Nova Scotia you can get yourself a ticket for just over $100. There's also tickets to travel across the country, like from Montreal to Saskatchewan, so you can seriously make the most of this massive sale.

So if you were thinking of making some awesome cross-country travel plans for the end of the Summer, or just looking to take a shorter trip so you can visit family and friends, Tuesday sounds like a good day to go ahead and book a seat. 

For more information on routes and sale pricing, visit VIA rail's website HERE.

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