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VIA Rail Is Now Offering $39 Train Rides From Montreal To Toronto

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VIA Rail Is Now Offering $39 Train Rides From Montreal To Toronto

Fall is less the season of travel than it is the season of travel booking.

The three-month stretch between September and November is situated right between summer and winter, the two major travel seasons.

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TL;DR VIA Rail is offering $39 tickets for rides between Montreal and Toronto. You must book your trip at least three weeks in advance to take advantage of this deal. Scroll to the bottom to purchase your tickets.

That means that companies are eager to address their post-summer slumps with incredible travel deals. They also want to incentivize people to book their winter vacations early.

That may be why VIA rail is currently offering super cheap train rides between Montreal and Toronto!

According to a release, voyages between the two largest cities in Canada are going for as little as $39!

The ony catch it that you must book at least three weeks in advance.

That makes this deal the perfect opportunity to discover everything Toronto has to offer during the holiday season.

Why not do some holiday shopping at the famous Toronto Eaton Centre?

Or go skating in front of Toronto City Hall?

Or check out the Art Gallery of Ontario?

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With a $39 train ticket, you'll have plenty left over to splurge on some fun activities.

The ride between Montreal and Toronto is super scenic, too. So you'll be able to enjoy some beautiful fall and/or winter landscapes as a bonus.

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