Vibrators In The Theme Of Iron Man, The Hulk And Captain America Will Make You, Well...You Know

Sex and superheroes are a match made in raunchy heaven. Think about it. Superheroes are beautiful, in the best shape imaginable, and pull of amazing acrobatic feats, all while being clad in skimpy spandex. Artist Balazs Sarmai picked up on the superhero-sex correlation and so created a line of vibrators based off of Marvel's The Avengers.

For now these super-vibrators exist only in the concept stage, as Sarmai's images have yet to be manufactured. But I wouldn't doubt that a saavy sex toy company will pick up on the idea and make vibrators which specifically appeal to the large masses of sexually frustrated comic nerds. Each vibrator would have its own 'power,' The Captain America is sleek and silicone, Iron Man has two built in motors, Thor's is electrifying, Hawkeye aims for the G-spot, and Black Widow is covert and unnoticeable. Then there's the luxury Loki model and the 12'' Hulk dildo, for the real bedroom superheroes. All in all, super-sex has gained a whole new meaning.

Check out Sarmai's tumblr page for the original post and other cool artwork.

What do you think of these superhero-sex toys? Ridiculous or kinda hot? Let us know in the comments below.