[Video] Justin Trudeau Elbows Woman MP In The House Of Commons

The House of Commons can get pretty rowdy sometimes, still you rarely hear about people getting hit.

But Wednesday night, an impatient looking Justin Trudeau was seen grabbing an MP's arm and accidentally elbowing another MP that was standing behind him.

His lack of patience is understandable considering some of the members seemed to be wasting time on purpose and a vote needed to take place as soon as possible.

This is how it happened:

In the House of Commons there are some "rituals" that need to take place.  In this case, before the vote, 1 member from the government and one from the opposition (known as "whips") must walk together and bow before taking their seats to announce the house is ready to vote.

But as the two were walking, some members of the NDP appeared to purposely block the path of the conservative whip Gord Brown.

Justin got tired of this nonsense and decided to go get Mr. Brown since he wasn't pushing his way through. He grabbed Mr. Brown by the arm and according to CBC he told the NPD members to get the fuck out of his way.

When he grabbed Mr. Brown's arm he accidentally hit Ruth Ellen Brosseau with his elbow.


Everyone immediately lost their minds because they saw an easy opportunity to criticize the Prime Minister and even make it seem as if he somehow did this on purpose.

There's even a Twitter account for Justin's Elbow:

.@RE_Brosseau ... Sorry

— JustinTrudeauElbow (@Trudeau_Elbow) May 19, 2016

Which is insane!

So what if he was being a little pushy? Have you seen the way everyone is behaving in the video?

They look like a bunch of students in classroom without a teacher to supervise them. If you're being pushy, then you're pushover. And I for one am proud that we have a leader that's willing to get shit done.

Plus this is the most pathetic headline ever. Like something an american movie would say to make fun of Canada:

"In other news, today in Canada someone got accidentally hit, the person immediately apologized."

How to make a mockery of people who have been molested and abused...https://t.co/TNDAmVZa9P #elbowgate

— Jenny Arruda (@Jenny_Radio24) May 19, 2016

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