Video Of A Naked Female Protester On Montreal's Crescent Street

Not everyone is down with Grand Prix Weekend.
Video Of A Naked Female Protester On Montreal's Crescent Street

F1 madness is officially underway, and I'm not talking about the race or the parties. I'm talking about the emotions stirred up among various activist groups. It's no secret that not everyone supports the Grand Prix; the crowds, the noise, some folk just plain hate it. But there is a bigger issue people are talking about.

With the influx of tourists coming into the city during Grand Prix weekend, there is a claim that demand in the sex industry spikes, which can in turn lure an above average amount of women into the profession. Although that's a perfectly reasonable concern, I personally think that these are separate issues, and that Grand Prix is hardly the source of the problem. Prostitution is, after all, the world's oldest profession - and has been around a lot longer than the Grand Prix.

In protest, a FEMEN supporter decided to demonstrate her objections in full view of an F1 crowd to call attention to this issue. And what method did she use to bring attention to the exploitation of women? Revealing her breasts and jumping on top of an F1 car. Yelling, "Montreal is not a brothel," it would take 2 members of festival security to finally remove her from the scene. Watch the clip below.

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