Feel Good Friday: Adorable Video Shows Unbelievably Cute Baby Foxes Playing In The April Snow

I wish we could all be this happy during a spring snowstorm.
Feel Good Friday: Adorable Video Shows Unbelievably Cute Baby Foxes Playing In The April Snow

A video captured by reddit user OofDahDer is making heart melt on the internet today. The video, which was taken on Wednesday, April 10 and posted this morning shows an adorable litter of foxes playing in the spring snowstorm.

Published on r/aww, the video has since gone viral. The enthusiastic foxes are everything I wish I could be on this Friday afternoon.

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TL;DR A video captured by reddit user OofDahDer shows five adorable baby foxes playing in the snow and we wish we could all have their energy during an April snowstorm.

The video, posted to Reddit this morning, captures five energetic baby foxes playing in the April snow.

from aww

The video begins with three foxes bounding into view. Four pups bounce in and out of the frame for the whole video, while a fifth one remains largely out of frame.

The calm mother watches her pups carefully from a distance, making sure they do not go astray.

The videographer OofDahDer stated that the mother fox "dug a den under my parents’ shed. Now they have 5 kits playing in their yard." The video was filmed in Minnesota. 

As winter continues to drag on, and my tolerance for winter continues to dwindle, this positive energy and excitement in the face of snow is refreshing.

Obviously, many on Reddit feel the same way. "Right. Who gave OP permission to stop filming?" asked one user.

[rebelmouse-image 26893518 photo_credit="OofDahDer" expand=1 original_size="274x447"] OofDahDer

Others are commenting on the strange combination of cat and dog behaviour the little foxes are exhibiting. Interestingly, baby foxes can be referred to as “pups,” “kits,” or “cubs,” which would give weight to all of those comparisons.

Some still find the foxes' behaviour under their mother's eye incredibly funny. "When mom walks by and they all perk up like they are behaving but there is always the one brother....." said one, while another commented, "Shh quick stop mom's here."



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