Video Of Beyonce Nudging A Woman For Talking To Jay-Z Courtside At Raptors Game Is Hilariously Shady

It's no question that the Raptors games have been amazing at pulling stars from far and wide courtside to catch the very best of the action.

So it's no real surprise that Beyonce and Jay-Z made an appearance at the Oracle area in Oakland to watch the Golden State Warriors take on the Toronto Raptors last night. 

While the Raptors took the win at left the Warriors with another L, they may not be the only ones. In the video below you can see Beyonce and Jay-Z sitting courtside, and there may be a "Becky" who has also taken an L for her behaviour while sitting next to Bey.

The video below shows Jay-Z, Beyonce and the wife of Golden State Warriors owner, Joe Lacob, whose name is Nicole Curran.

The video clearly shows Beyonce become increasingly... unimpressed with whatever Curran is talking about, or otherwise the fact that she is clearly talking right past Beyonce to joke with Jay-Z.

After the couple waves at someone off screen, Curran leans even further over Beyonce and the smile all but slides off Bey's face.

Then, just as the video ends, she seems to nudge Curran ever so slightly. Also, does Jay-Z look like he knows exactly the conversation he's having when he gets home, or what?

Of course, this little video snippet didn't take long to spread like wildfire across Twitter, and it's no question which side people were taking.

Although other fans made a good point... Didn't Beyonce do just this very thing to Jay-Z at a game where they were seated next to Jake Gyllenhaal?! 

Clearly, courtside politics are as touchy as having dinner with the Queen, and seat placements are everything.

The reactions are still pouring in on Twitter, as with pretty much anything Beyonce does. She truly is a queen among us.

I have to agree with the tweet above... How you going to spend the whole night ignoring Beyonce?! Who gives a shit about Jay-Z!?

The tweet above also drops some serious truth... Nicole Curran will not be sitting anywhere near Jay and Bey for any game, anytime soon. She done goofed big time.