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Video Showing Gigantic Shark Lurking In Canadian Waters

Spotted in the Gulf of St. Lawrence!
Video Showing Gigantic Shark Lurking In Canadian Waters

A video of a shark swimming around in Canadian waters has resurfaced, and even though you can only see the fins, it is pretty obvious how insanely huge this shark actually is.

The shark was spotted in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, off the coast of Gaspé between Percé and Bonaventure Island last year and I was honestly shocked to know that there are sharks in those waters at all.

Apparently, this type of shark is also common in the cool waters off the coast of Ireland and Scotland. They've also been seen in our very own Bay of Fundy, between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

TL;DR A YouTube video of a huge shark swimming around near Quebec has resurfaced, reminding us that just cause we're not in Cape Cod, we've still got sharks to worry about... on top of the bears and snakes and charging moose.

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The basking shark gets its name from their feeding habits. Because they munch on mostly zooplankton, they swim with their huge mouth open near the surface of the water, making it look like they are basking in the warmer temperature of the water there.

Not only does this make it easier for them to grab as much food as possible - but it also makes them look ABSOLUTELY terrifying.

These prehistoric predators are really quite harmless to humans, in fact, it's us who pose the real danger.

For ages, Basking sharks have been hunted for shark fin soup, animal feed and shark liver oil, causing overexploitation that has put the species in the conservation category of "Vulnerable".

Basking sharks have been known to breach right out of the water, much like whales, though why large marine animals practice this behaviour is still largely speculated. 

But can you imagine that mouth coming out of the water at you?!?! 

Though, honestly, I wouldn't hate swimming next to any kind of harmless marine animal because I find them truly majestic.

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