Video Of Montreal Woman Ripping Feathers From A Dead Bird And Then Eating Them On The Metro

We've all seen some muff'd up stuff on the metro, but unless you've seen puppies being decapitated or a little people orgy, this shocking event takes the cake. Right in the metro car, for everyone to see, this woman in the video below plucks the feathers off of a dead bird, then munches on the deceased fowl feathers.

Filmed on-site by Alexandre Cloutier on Canada Day, you can see the woman on the far end of the car leaning down and ravaging the little bird. Everyone is obvioulsy incredibly creeped out, as I'm sure you would be too. You can see for yourself in the video below.


Alexandre Cloutier

Nothing says celebrating Canada Day like eating a dead bird, right? The woman must have been on some next-level drugs, 'cuz that's the only rational explanation we can think of for publicly devouring random bird feathers. That, or maybe it was just an elaborate hoax.

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