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Video Of Montreal's New STM Metro Cars In Action

In case you haven't see them yet.
Video Of Montreal's New STM Metro Cars In Action

As you know, the STM started testing their new metro cars today. The tests were conducted on the orange and blue but there were no tests being done during rush hour so many of you might have missed it.

The tests were meant to make sure that the metro car fit properly in all the tunnels and that it could run the entire length of the track smoothly. They also tested the train's different driving modes and made sure it could handle the weight of a full load of passengers.

The trains have a brand new safety mechanism. Normally when one door of the metro is obstructed, all the doors need to be opened and then closed again. With this new system, the doors work independently so if something is blocking the door, the operator will know exactly where the problem is so they can take care of the problem faster.

The new cars will start taking passengers in December.


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