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Video Of Quebec Heroes Rescuing A Deer From A Frozen River Is Triumphantly Canadian

They were determined to rescue the poor deer!
Deer Rescue In Quebec
  • This video of a group in Quebec rescuing a deer from a frozen river will truly make you proud to be Canadian.
  • The deer fell through thin ice on the Batiscan River in Quebec and the video capturing the rescue quickly went viral.
  • Watch the videos below!

A video showing a group rescue a deer who had fallen through thin ice and was trapped in a frozen river in Quebec will honestly make you proud to be Canadian. Winter arrived quickly in Quebec this year, as it has in many parts of North America. From Montreal to Mont-Tremblant and nearly everywhere in between, snow blanketed the roads and rivers last week, signifying the departure of our short fall season.

This snow was the instigator for the rescue mission that went down in the Mauricie region of Quebec this weekend after ice on the Batiscan River cracked and a deer fell through.

Despite cold temperatures and freezing on the river, the ice was simply not strong enough to hold the deer who ended up stuck in the freezing cold river. 

In the videos below, you can see the deer struggle to make purchase on the river's icy surface, inevitably unable to pull itself out.

The whole ordeal was captured on video by Jacinthe Arsenault and subsequently shared on Facebook where it now has been seen over 25,000 times.

The video, seen below, shows a heroic effort by the group, who used rope and a boat to eventually pull the deer out of the river by its antlers.

The whole ordeal started when the deer was spotted in the river and Arsenault jumped to call for help from game wardens of the Quebec Ministry of Forests, Fauna and Parcs. 

In her video post, Arsenault thanks two men from the municipality of Montauban and those who helped to eventually free the deer from the grips of the icy river.

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Hundreds of people shared the triumphant video, and messages of encouragement and of congratulation flooded the comment section.

In the video, you can hear Arsenault and others on the banks of the river as they watch the rescue mission. 

"Thank you to the people who helped save the poor deer," she wrote in a Facebook post.

The video surely does show humanity's ability to overcome nearly any obstacle, and those involved in this rescue mission certainly went above and beyond.

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