Video Of Scary Hit And Run In Montreal Caught On Dash Cam

Classic Montreal.
Video Of Scary Hit And Run In Montreal Caught On Dash Cam

Anyone who has a license knows that Montreal drivers are insane.

We just don't seem to give a fuck around here.

No one uses turn signals, everyone still constantly use their cellphones while driving, drivers rarely maintain a proper distance from the vehicle ahead of them and middle fingers get thrown around like candy on Halloween.

What I've learned over the years is basically this rule: If there aren't any cops looking at you, it's legal.

But what surprised me the most is the level of dishonesty and disrespect Montreal drivers have with one another.

You only have to look at how people park. No one cares if they hit your car and ruin your bumper as long as they don't get caught.

Here's a perfect example.

Yesterday on Highway 40, someone in a white Honda Civic was driving along, either inebriated or simply oblivious, when they started drifting into the right lane. The Civic ran right into a charcoal Toyota Corolla, completely destroying the side mirror and scratching the hell out of the the left side of the car.

The driver of the civic did what any "responsible adult" would do. He sped up and tried to get as far away from the Toyota as possible.

Once the driver of the Toyota realized the drivers wasn't planning on stopping any time soon, he gave chase and began honking repeatedly (according to the videos description) at the civic who was clearly not going to be pulling over anytime soon.

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