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[VIDEO] Protesters Burning Down Cars In Montreal Last Night

All hell is breaking loose!
[VIDEO] Protesters Burning Down Cars In Montreal Last Night

Last night there was a demonstration in Montreal North against police brutality.

A few weeks ago, a man named Jean-Pierre Bony was killed by a rubber bullet during a drug bust. As a result, 200 protesters took to the streets to have a peaceful protest. Only it didn't remain peaceful for very long.

For reasons that remain unclear, the protesters started smashing windows, hitting cars with crowbars, and setting fires to cars and garbage cans.

When the police showed up, the protesters began retreating in the opposite direction, and responded by throwing rocks at the police station and lighting more cars on fire as they marched.

The fire department was called but they were unable to put out all the fires, so some of the cars remained ablaze for hours.

Take a look at the video below to see what went down.

Spotted : Montréal-Nord


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