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This Video Proves Even Game Of Thrones Actors Don't Get WTF Is Going On With Season 8

With the season finale around the corner, this video is not comforting...
This Video Proves Even Game Of Thrones Actors Don't Get WTF Is Going On With Season 8

While fans are unquestionably upset with the trajectory of the 8th season of Game of Thrones, it may surprise you to find out that the actors also have their hesitations about the direction of that showrunners chose for the final season

Fans have even taken matters into their own hands, by starting and signing a petition on that now has almost met the goal of 500,000 signatures

In a video that is picking up speed online, someone has made a super-cut of all the instances where Game of Thrones actors can't help but hide their disappointment or disbelief when it comes to the choices showrunners D&D have made concerning the hit show's finale. Check out the video below.

Good to know Kit Harrington is the most honest of the bunch. I'm also a huge fan of Emilia Clarke's intense cringe face and Peter Dinklage's hyper-professional response at the end.

The YouTube page is also full of absolutely hilarious reactions. Fans are dropping comments like:

"I've enjoyed fan theories more than what the writers gave us this season."

"Peter Dinklage in his I'm contractually obligated to say this tone"

"There was a sniper aiming at Dinklage on that interview."

"wow Kit really just have p on any form of sugarcoating huh 😂"

A huge discussion point when it comes to D&D is the idea of "subverting expectations" - a phrase that most people are seeing through. It seems this is the band-aid response for why some plot points have been left unresolved or certain characters have all but halted in development in order to continue the progression of the story. 

Comments on the video address this issue, too, and it's clear that if the actors are hesitant to show excitement, fans are more than excited to show their saltiness. Examples of the comments include:

"These writers really are masters in subverting expectations. We all expected Season 8 to be good but they subverted that too! 😂"

"What do we say to the God of Death?

D&D: suBvERt EXpEctATioNs"

So if you're one of those fans that are less than impressed with the direction Season 8 has taken, you are clearly not alone.

At the time of writing this, the petition to remake the final seasonhas reached 501,285 signatures, surpassing the goal of 500,000. Who knows, it could work. It took a lot fewer signatures to get the Sonic the Hedgehog creators to smarten up and redesign Sonic. So if all 18.04 million viewers of HBO's Game of Thrones decided to sign this petition, we could actually make something happen. 

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