Video Showing A Rare Look Inside Montreal's STM Lost And Found Room

Things you never knew were possible to misplace.
Video Showing A Rare Look Inside Montreal's STM Lost And Found Room

For those of us who take public transit, it's not unusual forget an item when we get off the bus or train. It happens to the best of us, and since most of us never get what we lost back, it often ends up in the STM's lost and found.

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When talking about "forgotten" items what typically comes to mind is a pair of glasses, an umbrella, keys, maybe even a wallet. Chances are you've been there, and it sucks.

It probably doesn't suck as much as losing your cane, a baby stroller, or your entire grocery haul, which apparently many people tend to forget on their commute when they leave Montreal métro stations.

Surprisingly, there are enough of these items going missing that there’s an actual room FULL of them. The STM's lost and found has quite the collection of both obscure and unique items by the bucket (literally). Here you'll find bins of cell phones (some being super outdated), wallets and keys, as well as tennis rackets, dozens of canes, walkers, bongos and much more. 

Questions arise such as how one could possibly forget their stroller on the subway, and if the baby was left behind as well or (fingers crossed) was taken out of the stroller first? Since it's safe to assume senior citizens were in possession of most of the canes in the lost and found, and trust me there’s a lot, it's concerning that they are left behind so often and how in the world that person was able to continue their commute without it? 

A few other incredibly interesting finds (or losses) would be an air conditioner that was left behind and never reclaimed, a lawn chair, and even a few bags of groceries that were left on the subway and reclaimed a WEEK later. 

There's an actual video on Youtube that takes you on an inside look of what’s actually at the lost and found centre, and it's pretty interesting. You're left wondering if you should be impressed by the lives some of these people have to lose things like this, or to feel super bad for them for losing something that could be pretty important.

I think the moral here is to triple-check before getting of the metro, and it's worth giving the STM a call if you do happen to forget something on your ride. 

If you have lost an item while on your commute, you can check out the STM lost and found information HERE

To watch the video on the lost and found room, click HERE.

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