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Video Showing All The Bizarre Anti-Canada Propaganda Saudi Arabia Is Showing Its Citizens

In the course of just two weeks, the dispute between Canada and Saudi Arabia has taken a bizarre turn.

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After a simple, and, frankly, politely worded, tweet from Global Affairs Canada that criticized the human rights record of the oil-rich absolute monarchy, the Saudi government decided to use Canada as an example and implemented extreme measures to punish what it perceived as a violation of its sovereignty.

Those measures have ranged from the extremely concerning to the extremely strange.

Saudi Arabia has suspended diplomatic relations with Canada, ceased new trade, sold its assets in Canadian financial institutions, and recalled its students, threatening to throw the Canadian healthcare system into chaos.

On the other hand, Twitter accounts in the Arab country have unleashed a torrent of critiques of Canada. One account with ties to state propaganda even tweeted a doctored image that appeared to show a 9/11-style attack on Toronto. After that account apologized for the insensitive implication, it abruptly became inactive.

Other state media accounts have voiced both veiled and explicit support for the separatist movement in Quebec.

Last week, the Saudi government went as far as to claim that Canada brutally persecutes women. 

Since then, Saudi media has hardly mellowed. Entire segments and ads are devoted to tarnishing Canada's reputation and perpetuating false facts about the famously friendly North American country.

Now, a new video from the National Post compiles some of the strangest anti-Canada propaganda, which includes claims that most Canadian inmates die before they face trial, that Canada mistreats far-right activists, and, again, that Canada has the worst record in the world when it comes to the rights of women.

Some Saudi accounts have even supported a boycott of Canadian brands that, according to the National Post, do not even offer services on the Arabian peninsula.

Take a look at the video below and try not to laugh or shutter in shock.


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