Video Showing Americans Illegally Crossing The Quebec Border To Escape Donald Trump

In July, nearly 3,000 asylum seekers from the US walked across the border into Quebec, and in the first two weeks of August, nearly 4,000 did the same thing. 

Prime minster Trudeau even has to issue a statement to warn Americans that the same rules will apply to  everyone and that crossing the border illegally will not speed up the process of obtaining refugee status.  

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The government says that this flow of asylum seekers is unprecedented, but that government is dealing with it, and that anyone who seeks refugee status will have to go through a thorough screening process. Trudeau also mentioned that if asylum seekers can be deported to their country of origin if they enter Canada illegally.

Still, many people are determines to cross into Canada, as you can see in this video. They are literally packing up their suitcases and walking across the border. 


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