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Video Showing Bike Thieves In Montreal Stealing Locked Bikes

A video you have to see to believe.
Video Showing Bike Thieves In Montreal Stealing Locked Bikes

Bike culture in Montreal is as popular as the thefts that plague it.

In case you haven't noticed, there are more and more bikes on Montreal roads. That's thanks to safer streets and better infrastructure for cyclists.

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But talk to any biker in Montreal and they'll say that the unofficial rite-of-passage for the two-wheeled community includes some kind of theft. Anecdotally, I've heard of dozens of cases of stolen bike seats. In the worst cases, some have dashed out of their apartments while running late one morning only to discover a severed bike lock where an entire bike once stood.

The creativity of some thieves is even actually pretty impressive. Some people just go the extra mile to ruin others' days and claim their prize. Their efforts might even be ridiculous enough to make victims laugh between furious screams.

Such a feat was caught on camera this weekend on Rue Chapleau in Montreal, where a thief stood atop a recycling bin and unscrewed parking signs in order to slide an bike over the empty pole. After agonizing over tight screws, the man triumphantly rides away on his new wheels.

He was able to kill two birds with one stone: eliminating nonsensical parking signs and gaining a new mode of transportation.

I also have a question for the person who took this video. Did you not even attempt to stop the man? Is the viral video really worth another person's despair? The result is hilarious and I applaud the sneaky video-taking skill. But really?? 

You can watch the video below:


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