Hilarious Video Showing Canadian Cannabis Store Worker Fight Off Robbers With A Bong

As the October 17th deadline for recreational marijuana legalization in Canada approaches, many are getting quite eager to get their hands on some product.

Apparently, some are a little more eager than others.

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Last week, a trio of hooded robbers stormed the Recreational Cannabis Farmers Market in Shannonville, Ontario in an apparent attempt to steal some marijuana and smoking paraphernalia.

One daring employee quickly jumped into action, using only a bong to fight all three robbers back.

The security camera footage was too hilarious for employees to keep to themselves. The video appeared today on Youtube.

The robbers appear absolutely terrified of the bong-weilding employee.

One even scrambles to find a weapon of his own and quickly picks up two plastic crates.

The employee's reaction to this desperate attempt is perhaps the most hysterical point in the footage.

Baffled, he drops the bong, shakes his head, and snears, before reassuming his defensive position.

We independently contacted the Recreational Cannabis Farmers Market and reached an employee who told us that the three assailants are still on the loose. They appear to have escaped with at least a few items from the store.

Photos of the trio of bandits are forthcoming.

In the meantime, the rest of Canada can enjoy this truly hilarious footage. Maybe someone will even recognize one of the troublemakers.

You have to watch this video:

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