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Video Showing Canadian Woman Assaulting Nail Salon Employees After Getting A "Bad" Manicure Is Going Viral

Talk about an overreaction.
Video Showing Canadian Woman Assaulting Nail Salon Employees After Getting A "Bad" Manicure Is Going Viral

As a customer, receiving a service that did not meet your expectations can be a very disappointing experience. It can be especially hard to fork out the cash under these circumstances.

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However, most level-headed people will ask to calmly speak to the manager or ask for a small discount or compensation to make up for the "bad" service. If made calmly and rationally, most establishments and businesses will honour these requests.

Afterall, it's in anybusiness's best interest to keep their customers satisfied and motivated to return.

A nail salon in Chilliwack B.C was in for a surprise when one of their clients proceeded to deliver an over-the-top outburst after receiving what she apparently thought was a bad manicure.

This woman was so upset about the manicure, she proceeded to verbally and physically assault the staff of the nail salon when they would not allow her to leave without paying for the services rendered to her.

The staff then locked her into the shop as a means to trap her and force her into paying her bill. I'm not sure this was the best strategy, thankfully the RCMP arrived shortly after to interfere and temporarily settle the issue. 

According to a source, the police ordered the customer to pay $23 out of her $76 bill.

In the end, we can all agree that this woman reacted in an entirely inappropriate and hostile manner, however, the nail salon did also play their part in escalating the incident by locking her into the shop.  

At the moment it's unclear what type of legal action will be taken to resolve this. However, the RCMP is investigating and should be releasing an official statement soon.


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