Video Showing Chubby Bear Emerging From Hibernation At Montreal Ecomuseum Is Painfully Relatable

It's finally spring-ish in Montreal.The warmest temperatures of the year so far are only a day away. Of course, we'll have to get through an overnight wind and rain storm before the sun finally peaks out.

But temperature fluctuations aren't the only indication that spring is just about here! Today, the Montreal Ecomuseum posted a video to Youtube showing one of its bears emerging from hibernation.

"On March 14th, the two female bears at the Ecomuseum Zoo emerged from hibernation, officially indicating the arrival of spring!" the Youtube caption reads.

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TLDR: Below, we break down a video from the Montreal Ecomuseum showing one of its bears emerge from hibernation. The video is at the bottom of the article.

The video is equal parts adorable, hilarious, and painfully relatable. This bear is definitely from Montreal.

First, there's the reluctant exit from her den:

Via Zoo Ecomuseum

The overdramatic climb over snow banks as if it's the most arduous thing in the world:

Via Zoo Ecomuseum

Taking a break because climbing over snow is hard and demoralizing:

Via Zoo Ecomuseum

Treating herself with a beverage for making it through the snow:

Via Zoo Ecomuseum

She's a typical Montrealer.

Via Zoo Ecomuseum

Lazily eating through a sleepy stupor:

Via Zoo Ecomuseum

The general disappointment tinged with existential dread:

Via Zoo Ecomuseum

And, finally, the painful retreat back to the den.

Via Zoo Ecomuseum

This bear should become a Montreal mascot.

Watch the video below:

Happy spring-ish, Montreal!

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