Video Showing Crashed STM Buses Being Abandoned In Montreal

Last year when the first snowfall of season came along, it caused complete chaos in the street. And you'd think that after that whole mess we would have learned our lesson, but sadly we haven't.

This morning, Montreal's STM buses were unable to get up and down Guy and Cote des Neiges. 

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Some crashed, some hit sidewalks, some got stuck so bad they had to be abandoned. One articulated bus was even forced to ditch its back-end, leaving a half a bus in the middle of the street. 

Here are two videos showing the crap-fest Montrealers are dealing with right now: 

Snowstorm in Montréal #cbcmtl #weather #Tempete

December 12, 2017

Has anyone seen the rest of this bus?! #165 #montreal #storm

December 12, 2017

Here's last years' video in case you don't remember: