Video Showing Crazy Canadian Attacking Tim Hortons Employee

Watch until the end.
Video Showing Crazy Canadian Attacking Tim Hortons Employee

There is no shortage of videos of people doing absolutely obscene things in public at Tim Hortons.

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This morning we stumbled across a video of a B.C. man going crazy on a Tim Horton's employee when it appeared as though a small mistake was made in his order.

Talk about a disproportional reaction.

This insane video was posted to Youtube by the New Westminister Police Department who are on the lookout for this suspect.

The subject allegedly also kicked another customer who attempted to intervene and stop the verbal abuse.

It's crazy that a person would have a strong over-the-top reaction to something so minor. Something tells me this guy was probably not sober; he even pushes the computer register off the counter! 

What surprises me, even more, is how calm everyone else in the shop looks.  If I was in a coffee shop while this was going down, you could be sure to catch me running out the door. 

When someone is flying off the handle like that, they could become violent toward other people in a heartbeat.

In the end, seems like nobody was actually injured or hurt, however, B.C. police are still looking for this pink-shirted man. 

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