Video Showing Crazy Woman Losing Her Sh*t On Girl Wearing Hijab Downtown Montreal

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Video Showing Crazy Woman Losing Her Sh*t On Girl Wearing Hijab Downtown Montreal

Montreal is know to be a city of nice, friendly, happy, oddly dressed people.

That's our stereotype and we're pretty happy with it.

But every once in awhile someone comes along and fucks it all up for the rest of us.

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I know this may come as a "shock" but there are some racist people out there in our beautiful city.

And for some reason, every once in awhile one of these people decides to share their moronic opinions with the rest of us.

That's what happened in a Dollarama a few days ago.

A video was shot by a reader who proffered to remain anonymous of a woman verbally assaulting a Dollarama customer who was wearing a hijab and holding a baby.

Apparently the sight of a hijab was too much for her to handle to she berated the woman, calling her a terrorist, a savage and a slut.

According to the reader who sent us the video, the fight broke out for absolutely no reason. The woman wearing the hijab did nothing to antagonize the other.

"She just started yelling for no reason." 

The cashier refused to serve the woman who was screaming and after the video ended the store called 9-1-1 to force her to leave the establishment.

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