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Video Showing Damage After Severe Thunderstorm And Tornado In Quebec

Debris still litters much of the province.
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Video Showing Damage After Severe Thunderstorm And Tornado In Quebec

A quick, severe thunderstorm ravaged much of southern Quebec yesterday.

Though the storm was brief, it knocked out power for tens of thousands of households in Montreal, alone. Many are still without electricity.

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Environment Canada confirmed today that among the thunder and lightening a tornado even formed in Saint-Julien.

Tornadoes are rare in Quebec, so the news caught many by surprise.

The tornado destroyed at least one home in Saint-Julien. Though, fortunately, no one was hurt.

Elsewhere in the province, the storm uprooted entire trees and damaged homes.

In many places, fallen trees smashed rooves and destroyed cars. There's no word yet about just when officials expect to clear debris from streets. 

Those obstructions will likely throw commutes into chaos.

One video posted to Youtube Wednesday night compiles footage of damage from across the province.

Some of the images are pretty shocking. One shot shows a tree that utterly wrecked the roof of a suburban home.

The video captures the true scale of the damage from the storm yesterday. Though the destroyed home in Saint-Julien is not depicted.

Take a look at the video from user The 4k Guy below:

Thanfully, Quebec residents are in for a mild next few months. Hopefully we'll get a respite from the extreme weather that dominated the summer.


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