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Video Showing Great White Shark Swimming In Canadian Waters

You will never want to swim again!
Video Showing Great White Shark Swimming In Canadian Waters

A couple of Canadians got quite a big surprise when they were out fishing a few days ago.

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A man name Millard Ells, his partner, and one of their friends were on a boat trip off the coast of Nova Scotia. They were fishing for Striped Bass and they had actually managed to catch a 16 pounder when the encounter took place.

Just as they were getting ready to grab the fish out of the water with a net, a massive great white shark came out of nowhere and snatched the bass up.

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Ells had to hurry up and cut the fishing line before the shark could swim away. They sent a copy of the video to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy who confirmed that this was in fact a great white shark.

It's crazy to think that these things are lurking around in the waters near Canada, but it's not unusual to see sharks swimming near Quebec and even in the Saint-Lawrence river

In fact there are at least 7 species of sharks you can expect to find in Canadian waters. But don't worry too much, there are only 3 unprovoked shark attacks on record in Canada and the only fatal one happened in 1891.


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