Video Showing Bros Kayaking In The Flooded Streets Of Montreal

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Video Showing Bros Kayaking In The Flooded Streets Of Montreal

I don't know if you noticed, and if you didn't then you clearly live under a rock, but it rained a SHIT TON yesterday! I mean there was literally a flood warning announced yesterday morning and we can all say that the rain came through to make that true. It literally rained through the whole day and the whole night in ALL of Montreal! To be exact, it actually rained  so much that there were power outages, floods, and well... people kayaking in parking lots! Yes I said it, and yes it is true. The people of Montreal actually kayaked in the parking lot of the Colisee in Kirkland and below is the video to prove it.

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I don't know if this is a pure genius idea or something out of complete stupidity, but I won't lie, it's pretty damn cool! Kayaking through a parking lot during a sever rain warning is a great way to embrace the shitty weather that has taken over Montreal's summer. I mean what else are bros (those kayaking: Leung Andy, Benoît Roussel, Vincent Péloquin and Charles Demeule)going to do when you don't have any power in Montreal? This just goes to show what happens when you take away Wifi from teenagers...

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This video is honestly hilarious and when I saw it on my friends Snapchat (creds to Nicko Chiminian-Snapchat @nicko121) I literally had to watch it about 10 times! I mean now when it's raining you will literally have no excuse because you can just Kayak anywhere in Montreal. So, next time your boss is forcing you to come to work in sever rain.. grab your kayak! Or when your girl says "my parents aren't home..." and you don't have the car but it's really raining you now have a new way to get there! Kayaking in Montreal may just be our new source of transportation until it's banded like everything else that's cool in Montreal.

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