In Canada, there is new proposed Federal law called Bill C-16. The goal of this enactment is to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to add gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination.

In other words, they want to make it a legal right for a person to be addressed by their preferred pronoun.

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It would also amend the Criminal Code so that if it can be proven that someone is using the wrong pronoun because if bias, prejudice or hate, then a sentence could be imposed by a judge.

A Psychology professor from the University of Toronto named Jordan Peterson released a video where he criticized this level of "political correctness" on campus. He claims that he doesn't recognize another person's right to decide what words he can use, because it would be mathematically impossible to legislate.

A.W. Peet is another professor at University of Toronto who believes Peterson's language is abusive. He feels that Peterson's video has done some real harm to people on campus.

The two professors were invited to debate the issue on CBC News.

Here is the full video:

Peterson also talked about the issue with Gad Saad, you can stream the podcast right here.

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