Video Showing How Hilariously Bad Quebec Drivers Are During Boxing Day Sales

How did this even happen?!
Video Showing How Hilariously Bad Quebec Drivers Are During Boxing Day Sales

While some of us have been enjoying the last few days of vacation time sleeping in and staying indoors, others have been taking full advantage of Boxing Day and its incredible in-store deals. 

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TL;DR A video taken in a Quebec shopping centre parking lot shows a driver completely run over an "ARRÊT" sign before driving over it again seemingly unscathed. Video available to watch below.

For anyone who has been to a shopping centre on the chaotic day before, it's basically a fight to the death to get a parking spot as quickly as possible. Needless to say, this can lead to quite a few accidents and a bit of reckless driving.

One video basically sums up the exact mistakes drivers tend to make while racing to a shopping centre on December 26.

Via Emplacement Photo Radar - Quebec

The video, taken in Quebec from a driver's dash cam, shows a scene in what appears to be a shopping mall parking lot. Although you don't get to see what events led up to this situation, it's pretty clear that the driver of the white car was in a bit of a hurry as they completely demolished the "ARRÊT" sign.

You can watch the entire video HERE.

That's at least how it seems at first. While the driver taking the video gasps in shock, the driver who seems to be in serious trouble continues to move forward over the stop sign. This doesn't seem like the best idea at first, but after the car moves forward, the sign stands back up almost completely unscathed.

Via Emplacement Photo Radar - Quebec

Via Emplacement Photo Radar - Quebec

You probably can't say the same for the bottom of the driver's car, though.

Drivers frequently get into accidents during the day of sales, so at least this event had a more hilarious ending. In all seriousness though, was it really worth it just to make it in time for a store sale?

Stay tuned for more Boxing Day updates.


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