Video Showing How INSANE Pokémon GO Is In Montreal Right Now

Something never seen in the city before.
Video Showing How INSANE Pokémon GO Is In Montreal Right Now

When Pokémon GO came out, we started seeing photos of huge gatherings in and around Montreal Parks. But the most impressive pictures always seem to come out of the same spot.  It's no wonder this place is so popular, the area has at least 4 Pokéstops and 2 gyms. Which means there are plenty of Pokémon to catch and there are lots of opportunities to battle other Pokémon trainers.

This has become known as the single best place to play Pokémon GO in  Montreal.But If you're looking to catch even more, you can always hop on one of these bus lines:

7 Montreal STM Bus Lines Where You Can Catch The Most Rare Pokémon

or You can attend Montreal’s “Pokémon Festival” 

or You can help out at the Pokémon GO Lure Party For Sick Kids

or You can be part of history by joining the biggest Pokémon GO Gathering in the world.

But on an average night, if you're looking for a place to find like-minded individuals, the best place to go is near Tupper and Atwater.


Here, you can spot hundred of players battling it out on any given night. And just to give you glimpse of the the madness, check out the video below that was taken only a couple of night ago.

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Pokémon GO Is Uniting Montrealers Like Nothing Else Ever Has. Yes, EVER!

The one city that probably needed it the most in Canada.

Oh yes, prepare your ears for yet another Pokémon GO article! However, this isn't your typical Pokémon GO article. Based on personal experience I can honestly say that Pokémon GO is bringing us Montrealer's together. Not only have I witnessed this but I have also lived it.

It is fairly known that Montrealer's don't necessarily talk to one another randomly but Pokémon GO is changing that. As more and more people are playing Pokémon Go, more and more Montrealer's are socializing with one another. Half the time the conversation goes even beyond Pokémon GO! It may seem stupid and yeah some of you will comment that this is dumb but I honestly think it's a great side effect that came along with the fun of Pokémon Go.

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