Video Showing Man Brutally Attack Montreal Restaurant Worker And Run Away

This appears to have been a totally random assault.
Video Showing Man Brutally Attack Montreal Restaurant Worker And Run Away

Montreal is among the safest cities in North America. But the city is still host to some truly bizarre crimes.

Two weeks ago, for example, Montreal police arrested a woman for stripping off all her clothes and setting multiple cars on fire downtown. Some reports suggested that she was a survivor of sexual assault enacting revenge on the men who attacked her.

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TL;DR Video released by Dunn's Restaurant shows a man attack one of its employees and run away. The assault had no apparent motive. Watch security footage of the incident below.

Recall, also, the incident months ago when a man in Laval stepped out of his car and punched a middle-aged man outside of a daycare centre in an apparently random assault. Police were later able to arrest the man after tracking his stolen car.

This week, unfortunately, a similar incident has come to pass, this time in the heart of Montreal's downtown.

According to CJAD and Dunn's Restaurant on Rue Metcalfe, a man yesterday walked into the popular lunch spot and punched one of its employees in the head before running back out onto the street.

The attack had no apparent motive. The perpetrator appears to have randomly decided to assault this employee.

In security camera footage released by Dunn's, the man can be seen pausing momentarily before deciding on a target. He then punches the victim and retreats.

The employee bled from his ear but suffered no apparent long-term injury and remained standing after the attack.

Dunn's has now made a public appeal for information on the attacker.

Watch the unbelievable footage below. If you identify the man in the video you can call Montreal police at 514-393-1133.

Security footage of a random assault at Dunn's restaurant on Metcalfe Street. The owners need your help.

October 30, 2018