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Video Showing Man Getting Kidnapped In Montreal

A prank gone wrong?
Video Showing Man Getting Kidnapped In Montreal

We all know Montreal is a party city. But sometimes, partygoers can go a little too hard. 

We've all had that neighbour that just would not turn down the music, but last week, two men brought party pranks to a whole new, twisted level.

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A video posted Thursday on the popular Facebook page Spotted STM captures the moment outside Guy-Concordia metro station when do men swarm a pedestrian, drag and shove him into the trunk of an SUV.

The video was taken by the passenger of another car that then speeds up to pursue the kidnappers.

The case seemed unresolved until another video was posted on the page the next day showing the arrest of the kidnappers by Montreal police. 

The arrest appears to take place on Boul. René Lévesque outside the Tour Ville-Marie.

The video of the arrest is as satisfying as the kidnapping is brutal.

The motive of the kidnapping is still a mystery, but consensus among commenters on the video posts is that this was a bachelor's party prank gone wrong. The nature of the act, two young men taking a man of similar age in full view of the public, seems to support that theory.

Luckily, it appears that no one was injured. There are no ambulances in the video of the arrest.

More news about the incident is sure to break in the coming days. In the meantime, you can see both videos below. 

Here is a video of the kidnapping: 

Here's a video of the arrest:


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