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Video Showing Montreal Couple Walking Up Snow-Covered Mount Royal In Practically Nothing But Their Underwear

Mount Royal is the crown jewel of Montreal. The hill from which the city gets its name makes our urban centre unique in the world. Few other cities can boast a beautiful "mountain" park open to all at its very centre.

The park's beauty never expires. The mount offers stunning views of the surrounding area and an escape into a natural setting all year round. Seasons seem heightened among the trees: summers are shining, springs seem especially muddy and wet along the park's dirt paths, and winters on the mountainside, exposed to frigid winds, are brutal.

TL;DR A video captured by Instagram user arash.mtl shows two individuals walking up a snow-covered Mount Royal in nothing but their undergarments.

That's why the latest videos to come to our attention are particularly strange. In them, two individuals are seen casually strolling up the snow-covered mountain in what appears to be nothing but their undrgarments, shoes, mittens, and backpacks.

The videos, captured by Instagram user arash.mtl, certainly raise questions. Is this performance art? a method to promote blood circulation? a statement about the futility of human attempts to resist the forces of nature?

Most importantly: why wear the mittens at all??

If their point was to grab the attention of other pedestrians, they certainly succeeded.

The couple makes it to the very top of Mount Royal and gives no outward indication of the pain they must be experiencing. This is quite the feat.

The incident is bizarre but very Montreal.

Whether this is a regular activity or just a single event is unclear. Perhaps this will become a bona fide trend.

Of course, anyone who wishes to attempt a similar exercise should make sure they can do it safely without compromising their health.

Stay tuned for more bizarre videos sure to emerge from the Montreal winter season!

    Thomas MacDonald
    Senior Editor
    Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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