Video Showing Montreal Police Horse On The Loose In Traffic

A Terrifying thing to see.
Video Showing Montreal Police Horse On The Loose In Traffic

This morning, one of our readers sent us a pretty scary video. 

Elnoffo was walking around next to Beautys and apparently a mounted Police officer decided it was a good idea to leave his horse unattended. 

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Something must've spooked the horse, because moments, itstarted freaking out and took off right in the middle of traffic.

Lucky, the horse wasn't hurt. 

Video Showing Caleche Horse Collapsing From Exhaustion In Old Montreal

One of the many reasons why this needs to be banned.

It's something that has happened way too many times in Montreal, and yet here we are again. A horrifying video is spreading on Facebook of a caleche horse collapsing in Old Montreal on Sunday. 

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On Saturday, some people were holding a peaceful protest against horse carriages in Montreal.

Unfortunately the situation did not remain peaceful for very long. 

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The city where you ask why? And they say because.

Montreal always had reputation for being a fun city.

Growing up here I remember hearing about rules and laws they had in other parts of Canada and thinking to myself: "Thank fuck we live in Montreal."

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I'm of the personal opinion that caleches are really not the best thing. Some of you might agree with me, some of you might not, but at the end of the day, I really don't think it's cool to subject horses to questionable conditions just so that we can ride around all fancy-like.

This morning, we came across something that pretty much affirmed my position on this.

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