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Montreal Police Pepper Spray Man For Honking His Car Horn (Video)

"Bande de racistes"
Montreal Police Pepper Spray Man For Honking His Car Horn (Video)

A video is going viral right now about an incident that happened in Montreal this weekend.

Accordig to reports and witnesses, a man was driving in his car during the F1 festivities when he honked his horn. In the video, we can see three police officers standing next to the vehicle.

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One officer appears to be talking to the man and when he turns away he casually peppers sprays him in the face for no apparent reason.   

The cops then opened the car door and pull the man out of the car. They proceeded to handcuff the man as he was freaking out and yelling in French "For a car horn?! (...) You Bunch of Racists".

One of the officers then pepper sprayed the man who filming the incident as well as some onlookers who were standing nearby  

Here is a video of the incident. 

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