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Video Showing Montreal Teen Getting Assaulted At Gym For Being Too Loud Is Going Viral

Anger issues much?
Video Showing Montreal Teen Getting Assaulted At Gym For Being Too Loud Is Going Viral

As a regular gym goer, I can definitely attest to the fact that people are often loud at the gym, especially when lifting weights.

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When you're physically exerting yourself to that degree, you are expected to at least be breathing heavily and also the actual weights themselves make noise when you pick them up and put them back down. 

Well, looks like a Montreal man was slightly more than triggered by a fellow weightlifter making noise at a Buzzfit gym on Sunday evening. 

The young man, Nineteen-year-old Charles Lalonde,  is seen in the video minding his own business doing some deadlifts when a man suddenly comes up to him in a clearly agitated state and begins verbally assaulting him. Then out of nowhere starts physically pushing and hitting him. 

The video was posted to Youtube by Lalonde's powerlifting coach and received 944,000 within a few days, and the video here currently has over 1 million views! Looks like the weightlifting community came to his defense. 

Powerlifting by its very nature is noisy, even more so the type of exercise that Lalonde was performing.  When you put that kind of weight down, it's impossible not to make at least some noise. 

The attacker was not very well known to the Buzzfit gym, and they had to go through video footage to accurately identify him.  At this point, the victim says he will be pressing charges, but there is no official confirmation yet. 


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