Video Showing Montrealers Losing Their Minds When "Shawn Mendes" Shows Up Downtown

So if you didn't already know, last night Shawn Mendes performed his concert at the Bell Centre in Montreal. The teen heartthrob has been gaining a huge fan base lately and his songs are topping the charts.

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Yesterday, teenage girls were lined up down the block to get tickets to his huge concert because they couldn't leave without seeing him in person singing his catchy pop songs. 

These girls got a huge surprise when a Beat 92.5 car rolled up in front of the bell centre and the window rolled down a crack to reveal... a Shawn Mendes look-alike!

Yup, Shawn Mendes didn't actually show up to surprise his teen fans, but a guy who looked suspiciously similar to him did and the reaction from these girls is priceless. You have to watch this video to really believe it! 

The fans swarmed around the car taking pictures and no one noticed it wasn't the real Shawn Mendes at all! You win it all, Beat 92.5!