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Video Showing Mysterious UFOs Spotted In The Sky Over Montreal

Early this morning, at around 7:00 am, a Montreal woman spotted something strange.

She looked out her window and noticed some weird objects floating in the sky.

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The 2 orbs appear to just be hovering in the distance and the intensity of the light they were emitting seemed to be changing throughout the video. 

Whether you believe in aliens or not, you have to admit the video is strange. The objects seem to fade in and out randomly and they don't appear to be moving in any direction. 

The woman who took the video said that when she first noticed them, there were 3 objects in the sky. But by the time she picked up her phone, only one could be seen. Later the second one appears again.  

Montreal is notorious for UFO sightings. There have been at least 9 major sightings than cannot be explained here. And Quebec was actually ranked the #1 province in Canada to spot a UFO, so it's not totally uncommon for people to spot strange objects in the sky. 

Do you think Montreal was visited by beings from a distant planet, or is there a reasonable scientific explanation for what's happening here? 

You be the judge. 


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