Video Showing Naked Woman Setting Cars On Fire In Downtown Montreal

The entire act looked like it was planned out.
Video Showing Naked Woman Setting Cars On Fire In Downtown Montreal

Needless to say, Montreal isn't a stranger to some pretty bizarre phenomena. Things can get pretty crazy in this party city. While sometimes we can leave the event pleasantly surprised, that isn't always the case.

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TL;DR Last evening a woman in downtown Montreal stripped completely naked and proceeded to set multiple cars on fire. It's not known what her motive was, but the acts were caught on video (below).

We may never know why, or how, but certain people go to extreme lengths just to get a point across. At times it can be a harmless, silly display to the public, at other times it can pose serious risk to anyone around.

This, interestingly enough, was the case last evening in downtown Montreal. An unidentified women stripped completely naked and ran around the busy Atwater area, lighting cars on fire.


October 17, 2018

Thanks to our source @dylangco_  for sending us official videos of the incident, you'll be able to see just how crazy this event truly was.

The woman is first seen totally naked in the middle of the street and proceeds to knock over a few traffic cones before taking off. According to our source, the woman had just previously stripped of her clothes in an alleyway with a jug of gasoline in hand.

She had also been seen screaming "take me to jail!" and that she was "ready for five years."

Luckily, police were quickly on scene to chase and arrest the woman.

So this happened

October 17, 2018

In another video provided to us, you can see the numerous cars that were lit on fire. Thankfully, no one was seriously harmed by the acts.

It's uncertain what caused this woman's random outburst, and why she had decided to do it completely naked. All we can say for sure is that Montreal is one interesting city to live in.

Some reports claim that she is a survivor or sexual assult getting back at her attackers.

Via @dylangco_

It's not yet known if the woman will be getting the five years in prison she requested.


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